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Cover Letter

  • Position Paper
  • "Towards a new IED"
  • Number 01 - 8 de June de 2018
Comitato Scientifico
  • Comitato Scientifico

Dear friends,

It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to introduce ourselves by means of this document and to be able to share with you the work carried out by the IED Scientific Committee during these past months.

The IED entrusted us with the task of producing new scenarios, knowledge and contents that will serve as a foundation to generate innovation processes and strategic plans, ensuring the cultural framework of the institution and its dialogue with the future.

To this effect and in collaboration with the Delegate Administrator, Riccardo Marzullo, and also the members of the Board of Directors, we have worked on the reformulation of the Vision, Mission and Values ​​that will inspire us in the coming years. This task has culminated in the preparation of Position Paper # 1, a document that analyzes the thematic areas of greatest interest for the future projection of the IED: Cultural Model, Design, Education, Innovation, Network and The Future of IED.

The thematic summaries that we now present to you have been the subject of intense debate and critical dialogue amongst us all. They represent the result of an internal undertaking guided by the will to transform the principles expressed in the Vision, Mission and Values, into reality.

It has proved to be an exciting task for all of us, implying personal collaboration, group spirit and a great confidence in the will to transform the IED.

With the same enthusiasm, we are already working on a second document, Position Paper # 2, which will focus on new competencies and new professions in the areas of Technology, Business, Environment and Services.


With great optimism and cordiality,

the members of the IED Scientific Committee,


Luca de Biase

Francisco Jarauta 

Marco Zanini


IED Scientific Committee Coordinator

Pablo Jarauta


Until December 2016, Carlo Forcolini, Scientific Director, Italy, also contributed to the Position Paper # 1.